Custom Design

With over 10 years of WordPress experience and over 125 completed projects, we have the ability to craft every design from scratch.

Every website is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Your business deserves more than a modified template.

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SEO Integration

Flip 9 Red Deer uses Google Analytics

Every project incorporates efficient usability design, strong search engine optimization (SEO) practices, and unique branding.

We use the lastest techniques to build, or improve your Search Engine Ranking. From website speed to fully responsive WordPress themes.

You use Google. Your clients use Google. Be found on Google!

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CMS System

Small or large business, you want some degree of control over your content. Perhaps you want to leave maintenance up to us (we will gladly do this), but you want to easily modify content on the fly?

Great - let's get at it then! We set you up with the world's most powerful Content Management System (CMS).

Using a CMS system called WordPress, you will have a powerful and flexible online editor that seamlessly integrates with your custom web design.

We offer custom development depending on the necessary functionality you are looking for, such as eCommerce, staff portals, or conditional web forms.

Computer desk featuring iMac and design tools

Mobile Friendly

Let's face it, mobile traffic is just as important as desktop traffic these days, with upwards of 50% of visitors coming from a phone or tablet. Is your website ready to receive visitors on smaller devices?

Mobile friendly web design is becoming increasingly more popular, and successful, if built and planned correctly.

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Site Analytics

Website analytics provide you insight on your users. How do they browse your website, what technology do they use, what do they search for, and more importantly, how we can improve your site and increase visitor conversion rates?

Website Analysis also sheds light on many important SEO considerations, such as the website's download speed. Since the Google Panda Update, search rankings now take high consideration on your download speed!

This is just one of the simple insights gathered from Analytics. Get your website analyzed today!

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Looking for the worlds most popular Content Management System? WordPress powers almost 40% of the world's online websites, dominating the CMS industry.

Powerful, Easy to Use, Customizable.

Our custom web designs are built and optimized to run and integrate with your WordPress website.

Additional functionalty is either custom code we integrate, or we find suitable plugins with rock solid performance.


This is where we really stand out from "other" local developers. We don't stop with just launching the website. We take the extra steps to increase your website performance.

We use the latest techniques such as caching, CDN Networks, proper image reduction, optimized servers, compression, and minification to make your website load incredibly fast.

Did you know website load speed effects SEO?

"A 2-second delay in load time during a transaction resulted in abandonment rates of up to 87%" ~ radware website report

After years of experience and constant research, we now utilize the fastest web servers available. SSD Storage, and LiteSpeed web hosting - processing PHP 50% faster than standard Apache servers.

We speed test every website during development ensuring the highest performance output. Ask us for a demo - we will prove our commitment to performance.

New Website Services

We cater every client's need. We now offer individualized services including: website hosting trasfer, website speed optimization, mobile WordPress theme conversion, hacked WordPress websites, backups and maintenance, and more.

We now also offer a VIP package that includes all of those services in one reduced price.

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Who Are We?

Servicing Ponoka, Lacombe, Red Deer, and surrounding areas, we have focused on website design and development for the past five years. As of 2015, we are now branching into online advertising and full print and marketing services.

Not only do we focus on the technical website aspect, but we highly focus on customer service. We have heard the horror stories, and we are here to improve the industry - and your experience.

Often, we will come visit you at your location if more convenient (within Ponoka or Red Deer boundaries).

Over the years, we have been honoured to sub-contract development work for some of Alberta's top agencies.

Interested in working with us? Please contact us to discuss the details!

Wordpress, maxcdn, mailchimp, google adwords and anyalytics services that we offer.

Over 150+ Completed Projects

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